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25th July 2024

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Useful Tools

No specialist equipment is needed for most jobs, remember that a good quality set of tools will far out last a cheap set.
Here is a short list of what you will need. Most engine and air tools are available from companies Machine mart. Good quality general tools are available from companies like Britool, Tengtools and Snapon

Necessary Tools
16mm deep Spark Plug socket Axle stands
Gloves Goggles
Oil filter removal tool Overalls
Pliers Repair Manual. Haynes or similar
Retractable blade knife Ring and open ended spanner set, sizes 6mm - 22mm
Set of metric Allen keys Screwdriver set including small and large flat and cross heads
Socket Set, Sizes 6mm - 32mm Soft faced hammer
Trolley Jack Wire stripers
Wire Brush Wire clippers

Optional Tools
2 Large axle stands A bench Vice
Angle Grinder Ball Joint Separator
Bearing puller Bottle Jack
Break-a-bar Circlip Pliers
Cordless Drill Corded Drill
Crowbar Deep Socket Set
Engine Crane Feeler Gauges
Funnel Hacksaw
Inverted Torx Head set Junior Hacksaw
Long nose pliers Metric Allen Key set
Mole-grips Multimeter
Pipe Flaring tool Punch set
Ramps Rotary Wire Brush
Snips Spark Plug Gap Adjuster
Suspension Coil Spring Compressors Torque Wrench
Torx head set Tread depth indicator gauge
Tyre pressure gauge  

Engine tools
Angula Gauge Compression Tester
Cluch Plate Alignment tool Cylinder Bore Hone tool
Piston Ring Compressor Piston Ring fitting tool
Timing Light Valve Spring Compressor
Valve grinding tool  

A good quilty Hand Cleaner Body filler
Brake Fluid Carburettor Cleaner
Copper Grease Electrical Insulation Tape in a range of colors
Engine Oil Gearbox Oil
Grease Latex Gloves
Masking tape Old news paper
Paper towels Red lead paint
Sealable Plastic bags Sticky labels
Underseal Various grades of wet and dry paper
Wax Oil WD40

These tools are useful to make the job quicker.
Air tools (Optional)
Air compresser Spray Gun (paint)
Impact Wrench Impact Sockets
Air Line Ratchet
Grinder Sander
Drill Underbody Seal Gun
Gritblast Gun / Spotblast Gun Blow Gun
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