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06th August 2020

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Torque settings for the suspension system

Torque wrench settings for the Suspension system Nm lbf ft
Front suspension    
Balljoint lower arm/tie-bar 85 63
Hub retaining nut 230 170
Lower arm balljoint pinch-bolt 30 22
Lower arm inboard pivot bolt 45 33
Strut to spindle carrier 93 69
Tie-bar to mounting bracket 50 37
Tie-bar mounting bracket to body 50 37
Top-mounting locknut 50 37
Top mounting thrust bearing nut 50 37
Rear suspension    
Anti roll bar to body screws 23 17
Anti roll bar to body nuts 23 17
Brake backplate bolts 23 17
Lower arm to axle bolts 50 37
Lower arm to body bolts 50 37
Panhard rod to axle bolts 50 37
Panhard rod to body bolts 50 37
Shock absorber bottom mounting bolts 50 37
Shock absorber top mounting nuts 30 22
Wheel bolts 100 74
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