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28th September 2020

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Calculating MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

To calculating MPG (Miles Per Gallon) you first need to fill the tank to the top, (when the pump turns it's self off) and reset the trip or record the mileage of the oddometer. Drive around as you normally do. Refill the tank untill the pump switches it's self off. If you look at the pump it will tell you how many litres you have put in, you need to write this down along with the mileage you have done since you last fill up. If you reset the trip, write the figure down, if don't have a trip, just minus the oddometer reading from when you filled up last time from the figure it's on now.

Now the calculations.....
At the moment you have the amount of fuel you put in, in Litres and the distance you traveled in Miles. The first thing you need to do is change Litres into Gallons. To do this divided the Litres by 4.54 this will give you Gallons.

Eg. 40 Litres
       4.54    =    8.81 Gallons

Now all you have to do is to divide the distance cover in Miles by the amount of fuel you have used in Gallons.

Eg. 310 Miles
      8.81 Gallons    =   35.1 MPG

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