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28th September 2020

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Making a DFT carburettor manual choke


12mm Socket
13mm Socket
12mm Ring spanner
13mm Ring spanner
Screw drivers
Snipe nose pliers
Small file

To convert a Automatic choke DFT carburettor into a Manual choke one, you need to go to the scrap yard and find a 1400 Fiesta. You will need all off the choke and accelerator assembly including small metal linkage bar which goes from the choke to the butterfly's (Pic 2) You will also need the bracket for the accelerator and choke cables. I have coloured in red the parts that you will need in Pic 1. Be sure to keep all nuts and bolts you take of the carburettor.

The first job is to remove the auto choke, to do this undo the three bolts which hold the casing on and pull off, there should be a plastic disk, take this off. You should now be left looking at the internals of the choke unit, there should be three bolts this holding it on, undo the bolts. The auto choke will still be attached by a small metal linkage bar which goes to the butterflys, which is attached to the unit by a small bracket, use a 8mm ring spanner to undo the nut on the end of the shaft. The auto choke should now be free. Remove the small bracket and the metal linkage bar (Metal bar Pic 2), the bar my be very tricky to remove, make sure you make a mental note how the bar fitted to the carburettor.

Next you need to remove the accelerator mechanism (Pic 3) to do this bend back the small piece of metal and undo the 12mm nut, pull the mechanism of, you may need to "wiggle" it as it is very good fit.

This is the most fidderly job of all, you need the small metal linkage bar from the 1400, Pic 4 shows the old bar on the left and the 1400 bar on the right, note the difference. Attach the 1400 bar to the butterfly mechanism as the old one attached.

The next job is to modify the 1400 accelerator bracket. The problem with the 1400 bracket is that it has a small piece of metal bent out (circled in Pic 5) if this is left on it will stop the carburettor working properly. Use a hacksaw to cut it off, then file it smooth.

Fit the accelerator bracket, you may want to fit the cable bracket at the same time. (Pic 6)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Now that the accelerator mechanism is attached and working you can start on the choke (Pic 7). You will need the three bolts from the auto choke, which held the auto choke housing to the body of the carburettor.  Connect the small metal linkage bar to the choke, through the hole circled in Pic 8, there is a small plastic clip which the bar clips into, make sure you use this or the carburettor wont work, if you have lost the one of the 1400 or you would like a new one they are available from Ford or Weber.

Bolt the choke to the body of the carburettor using the DFT bolts, the ones of the 1400 are a different size. 

Check all bolts are tight, and it should look like Pic 9

If you pull the choke cable both butterflys at the top of the carburettor should open at the same time.

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

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