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28th September 2020

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Fitting Delfex Bushes (Rear set)


13mm, 17mm, 19mm Sockets
17mm Ring spanner
Screw drivers
Hacksaw / Jigsaw
Axle stands


Fitting instructions

This job took me most of a day to complete, allow yourself more time than you think you will need.

The first job is to undo the anti roll bar bushes, then jack the car up and take the wheel off, put the wheel under the car in case it falls. You will then need to undo the 17mm bolts which hold the tie bar on, if the bolts wont come out use a screw driver and a hammer to tap them.
The Ford bushes are in a sleeve which needs to be removed, the easiest way to do this is to burn the old bush out, then cut the sleeve out. First soak the bushes in Paraffin and place it over a metal tray or container, this is to catch the melted rubber when you set fire to it.
Note: When you set fire to it you may not be able to see the flames.
Set fire to the bush and leave them burning until you can push the metal insert out, and most of the rubber has gone, repeat for the other end. Burning the bushes out does not affect the metal in any way, the flame produce by the Paraffin is yellow which is the coolest.

With the metal insert and rubber removed, you can now cut the metal sleeve. Cut the sleeve from the inside out, when you have cut through it you should be able to hit it out with a hammer, if it is still stuck cut another slit in the sleeve (see pic on the bellow), repeat for the other end. When you have remove the sleeve the most time consuming part is done.

This is a good time to clean up / paint the tie bar. You will need the tie bar bushes and metal insert ,(see the pic on the left) the one with step in it goes on the out side of the bar (facing out of the car), and the other bush should sit flush on the inside, push the metal insert in. If the bushes do not go in fully, oil them and use a G-clamp compress them, making sure you use bit of wood between the bush and the G-clamp. Your tie bar should look like the one in the bottom left hand pic. Refit the tie bar making sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight.

If you are fitting new dampers, fit them after refitting the tie bar. The tie bar will keep the axle in place when you shock off. If spring top bushes are included in your kit fit them now, to do this undo the top of the damper, the axle should drop allowing you to get to the top of the spring. The bush may have stuck to the body, use a screw driver to get it off. To fit the new one place it on the top of the spring and raise the axle, you could get some to help you or use a jack. The damper will have sunk, so holding the to damper push up, reattach the top of the damper.

The next job is to change to anti roll bar bushes, undo the to bolt which goes through the bottom of the shock and the small bar that links the anti role bar to the axle, do not take the bolt out fully as it is a pain to get back in. The reason for undoing the anti roll bar bushes at the start when the car was on the ground, is that the anti roll bar isn't doing anything, when you jack the car up the bar will trying to stop the car rolling, this means that if you undo the bolt when the wheel is in the air, the anti roll bar could fly off and the car could move.

To replace the anti roll bar bush, pull the old one off, cut a slit in the new one and put it on. Don't attach the bush to the car, reattach the small bar that links the anti role bar to the axle, and tighten up
Now that you have finished this side, double check that everything is tight, put the wheel back on and lower the car back onto the ground.
Repeat for the other side.

Now you have done both sides reattach the anti roll bar, if you have trouble getting the brackets in use a jack.
The last part to do is the Panard rod, jack the car up so both rear wheels are of the ground, put the car on axle stands, undo the 17mm bolts and remove, the axle may move to the near side. Burn the bushes out they same way as the tie bar ones, fit the new bushes you may need to use a G-clamp to get them. Refit.

Congratulations you have complete the job your car should handle much better. Give it about a week jack the car up again and check the bolts are still tight.

Please note: The information on this site is a guide only, no liability can be accepted for any loss, damage or injury caused by errors / omissions on this site. I won't be held responsible if you mess up yourself or your car. In doubt always consult a qualified motor technician.

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